Featured Publications

Investigating CVD/HF Genes

Ahmed, Z*., Zeeshan, S., & Liang, B. T. (2021). RNA-seq driven expression and enrichment analysis to investigate CVD genes with associated phenotypes among high-risk Heart Failure patients. Human Genomics. 15, 67. (BMC, Springer Nature). PMID: 34774109.

Artificial intelligence

Vadapalli, S., Abdelhalim, H., Zeeshan, S., Ahmed, Z*. (2022). Artificial intelligence & machine learning approaches using gene expression and variant data for personalized medicine. Briefings in Bioinformatics. [Online ahead of print]. (Oxford). PMID: 35595537.

Investigating COVID-19

Ahmed, Z*., Renart., E., Zeeshan, S. (2022). Investigating underlying human immunity genes, implicated diseases, and their relationship with the COVID-19. Personalized Medicine. [Advance online publication]. PMID: 35261286

Precision Medicine

Ahmed Z*. (2022). Multi-omics strategies for personalized and predictive medicine: past, current, and future translational opportunities. Emerging Topics in Life Sciences. (Portland Press, Biochemical Society and the Royal Society of Biology). PMID: 35234253


Ahmed lab is doing research with focus on intelligent and multi-functional systems development for integrative healthcare, genomics and metabolomics data analysis to discover disease biomarkers and different forms of phenotypic information for advanced diagnostic and personalized treatment in Precision Medicine. Ahmed lab’s research objectives include, modelling clinical, genomics and metabolomics data to find statistical patterns across millions of features to identify underlying biologic pathways, modifiable risk factors and actionable information that supports early detection and prevention of complex disorders, and development of new therapies for better patient care.



To improve the quality and transition of healthcare, robust data management platforms are necessary to analyze heterogeneous genomics and clinical data of high volume, velocity, variety and veracity. Healthcare data includes information about patient life style, medical history, visits to the practice, lab and imaging test, diagnoses, medications, surgical procedures, consulted providers, claims and genomics profile. Adequate and a

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